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Characters and situations portrayed in the works contained here are all copyright their respective owners. No infringement intended, no profit gained, and only the greatest affection meant.

The following may contain material unsuited to minors, the prudish, the squeamish, the easily spoiled, and those lacking a working sense of humour. Viewer discretion is advised.

Works marked with an asterisk (*) are short (generally < 1000 words), and for the most part have been written at the behest of others. 'AU' indicates a deviation from personal canon, and not necessarily from source material.

The earliest fic on this page was written in 2000. That's a long time ago in Internet Time. If you find something that sucks, please assume that my younger self wrote it and that I am very ashamed of it now.

Angel Sanctuary
Silent Hill
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Star Trek
Harry Potter
Bus Gamer
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
DC/Wildstorm Comics
Hotel Dusk
Digital Devil Saga
Kingdom Hearts
Eyeshield 21
Last Client
Vagrant Story
Metal Gear Solid
Wild Adapter
X/Tokyo Babylon
Persona 3
The X-Files
Fight Club
Shadow Hearts

Angel Sanctuary
Miserere - Katan and Rosiel discover the true meaning of Christmas. To date, the only time in my life has proven useful.
Quiet (Kira)*

Avatar: The Last Airbender
What Nation Are You? - A silly quiz made for Tigon Beat
Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - My epic attempt to justify my love for Teo/Haru.
Kigo - Four portraits of Yue.
The Walk - After the series, Mai walks home and learns about herself. (as-yet unfinished)
The Heart May Be Tiny But the World's Enormous - Which may or may not be the epic love story of Jet's Two Gay Dads.
The Blue Flame (Iroh, Ozai)*
Shore (Bato/Hakoda)*
Stargazing (Bato, Katara)*
The Fire Lord's Wife (Zhao, Azula)*
Steam Bath (Bato/Hakoda)*
Homecoming (Iroh, Jeong Jeong)*
The King of Bad Ideas (Jet/Zuko, AU)*
Sokka's List Of Reasons Jet Sucks (Jet/Sokka)*
A New Dawn (Iroh, Jeong Jeong)*
Princesses (Mai, Mai's mother)*
To Friendship (Iroh, Piandao, Jeong Jeong)*
Arrangements (Iroh, Ursa)*
An Interesting Piece of Salvage (Pakku, Jeong Jeong)*
Sterile Conditions (Hakoda, nuns)*
The Pink Ones (Mai, Ty Lee)*
Jericho (Iroh, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, Piandao, Bumi)*
Kissing the Fire Lord (Jin, Iroh)*
New Legs (Teo/Haru)*
Long (Sokka/Toph)*
Almost Home (Mai, Katara)*

The One Inside (Angelus/Angel)*
Just the Messenger (Giles and Methos)*
Black Magic Woman (Buffy/Willow, AU)*
The Dark Age (Ethan/Giles)*
Ghost Physics (Spike/Angel)*

Bus Gamer
Special Cigarettes (Nobuto/Kaz)*

Livin' In America [Bainbridge Avenue 2:00am] - John Constantine discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Written for Yuletide 2004.
Taking Requests (Lucifer, John Constantine)*
Half a Face (Mazikeen/Beatrice)*
Pheremones (Bigby Wolf)*
Wire, Briar, Limber Lock (Mazikeen/Elaine)*
New Wineskins (Daniel Hall, Lucifer)*
BBC 2548 (Midnighter, Apollo, Jenny, Torchwood)*
Filthy Assistants (Channon/Yelena)*
Spider Jerusalem's Thanksgiving Prayer (Spider Jerusalem)*
Anywhere But Here (Midnighter, Apollo)*
Safe Sex (Midnighter/Apollo)*
Anyone But Me (Midnighter/Apollo)*

Digital Devil Saga
An Experimental Study in Sustained Repressive Psychosexual Behaviour - Testing the hypothesis that Dr. Serph Sheffield is a dick.
An Experimental Study in Sustained Repressive Psychosexual Behaviour, further observations - The thematic second part to the former
The Good Girl (Sheffield/Argilla)*
Ego, Id (Serph/Sheffield)*
In the Desert (Serph, Heat)* [with Spanish translation by Daniela Lynx]
Exodus (Seraph/Heat)*
St. Serph the Confessor (Sheffield/O'Brien)*
Paraklausithyron (the Embryon)*

Eyeshield 21
Greeks Bearing Gifts (Hiruma/Mamori)*
Changes (Takami/Sakuraba)*
The Return (Hiruma/Musashi)*
I Like Her (Hiruma/Rui)*
Cosplay (Takami/Sakuraba)*
Sunning (Hiruma/Rui)*
Warm (Mizumachi/Kakei)*
Morning After (Mamori/Hiruma/Musashi)*
Breaking and Entering (Hiruma/Rui/Megu)*
Defeat (Takami/Sakuraba)*
Early Morning Rain (Hiruma/Musashi)*
Ballista (Hiruma, Takami)*
Bunk Beds (Takami/Sakuraba)*
Cry for Help (Hiruma/Rui)*
Role Reversal (Megu/Rui)*

A Much-Needed Scrub (Locke/Edgar)*
Dinner Bell (Kefka, Celes)*
Boots of Spanish Leather (Kefka)*
Sleeping Beauty (Locke/Rachel)*
Wingy (Locke/Celes)*
The Prince and the Pickpocket (Locke, Edgar)*
War Paint (Kefka)*

The Black Places (Rufus, Tseng)*
Business as Usual (Cid/Vincent, AU)*
One More (Cloud/Tifa)*
The Stoic Type (Tseng, Kadaj)*
Cowboy (Cloud/Tifa)*
Physical Therapy (Cid/Vincent)*
Naked Time (Kadaj, Loz/Yazoo)*
Small Talk (Vincent, Lucretia)*
Floor 63 (Reno, Tseng)*
Butt-Monkey (Vincent, Cloud, Red XIII)*
The Exotic Lifestyles of Travel Agents (Reno, Vincent)*
Hearts in Atlantis (Cloud/Zack/Tifa, crazy AU)*
Can't (Sephiroth/Tseng)*
Kicking Ass and Taking Names (Tifa)*
Church Mice (Tseng/Aeris)*
We Are in Life (Cloud/Tifa)*
The Natural (Vincent)*
Comparing Notes (Tseng, Vincent)*
Mactavish is Dead (Hojo, Vincent)*
Non/Verbal (Hojo, Sephiroth)*
Growing Up (Tifa, Cloud)*
The Nibelheim Affair (Hojo, Vincent/Lucrecia)*

Still Life, With Scars (Seifer/Fuujin)*
Full Contact (Squall, Seifer, Quistis)*
Teams (Seifer, Fuujin)*
Instigation (Seifer/girl_Squall)*

A Single Foot of Earth - Auron vs. Mt. Gagazet, with side helpings of real-life mountaineering stories and my fear of freezing.
Riksa - Yuna's mother and Auron both hate fancy Yevonite parties, but really, who wouldn't?
Turkish Drummers - Auron in Zanarkand. The title comes from the Bruce Cockburn song 'Get Up Jonah'.
Drowner - Auron teaches Tidus how to breathe underwater. Thematic companion to Arielle's Breather and Holder.
Catharsis (Auron, Tidus)*
Into the Deep (Tidus/Auron)*
All in the Same Direction (Auron, Lulu)*
Coffee (Auron/Tidus, AU)*
Over the Mountain (Auron/Braska, AU)*
Sacrifice (Auron, Yuna)*
Absent Friends (Auron, Jecht)*
Frost-Kissed (young Auron)*
Deuterocanonical (Auron/Braska)*
Drown (Auron, Braska, Jecht)*

Portraits of Empire: Vayne (collected) - A set of vignettes concerning Vayne Solidor, arranged here in chronological order.
Portraits of Empire: The Antlion in Winter - The last days of Emperor Gramis Solidor. My only excuse for the title is that I think I was dared to do it.
Portraits of Empire: The Hunt - Capturing the elder Solidor boys and bringing them back for trial. It's best if you picture this on a Tactics-style board, with little sprites and everything.
Portraits of Empire: Drace - A set of vignettes concerning Judge Magister Drace.
Portraits of Empire: Islude and Olan - A set of vignettes concerning the elder Solidor sons, in the same style as all the others.
Young Love - Young Ffamran Bunansa dreams of one day being cool.
The Naming of Cats - My own version of the Fantastic and Heartwarming Story of How Fran and Balthier Met. The Song of Balthier is gratefully borrowed from Kits. (with fanart by Sairobi!)
Point Made at A (Islude/al-Cid)*
Safe (Drace/Gabranth)*
Pallankuli (Ghis, Zargabaath)*
Knight Moves (Drace, Penelo)*
Courting Gifts (Rasler, Vossler)*
Candy (Larsa/Penelo)*
A Historical Footnote (Ondore, Vossler)*
Breaking Lessons (Larsa, Drace)*
Unexpected (Balthier/Fran)*
Barbarians and the Art of Archery (Basch, Ashe)*
Bastard (al-Cid/Balthier)*
Morning (Balthier, Fran, AU)*
Simple Gifts (young Drace, Zargabaath's mom)*
The Other Side of the Wall (Islude, Olan/random girl)*
The Judge Returns (Basch/Drace/Noah, AU)*
Sparring Lessons (young Drace/Olan)*
A Young Man's (Belated) Education (Rasler and Basch)*
Growth Beyond Limitations (Fran, Balthier)*
Hume-Chasing (Fran, Balthier)*
The Belle of the Ball (young Drace/Olan, Islude)*
Shooting Lessons (Penelo, Balthier)*
The Autobiography of Balthier the Deathless (Fran, Balthier)*
Armour (Reks, Penelo)*
Down (Fran/Balthier)*
Fratricide (Vayne, Gabranth)*
Pirate of the Sky Aptitude Test (Vaan, Balthier, Reddas)*
Sixty-Sixth Soulmate (Fran, Balthier)*
Moogle Drinking Contests (Fran, Balthier, Nono)*
War Stories (Vaan, Penelo)*
Shelter from the Storm (Islude, Olan, al-Cid)*
A Unified Front (the Judges Magister, Gramis)*
Loyalty (Zargabaath, Gramis)*
A Well-Kept Secret (Vayne, Drace, AU)*
Come Home (Gramis, Islude, Olan, AU)*
Morning (Larsa, Vayne, Rosalind, AU)*
Sick of Shadows (Dr. Cid, Ffamran)*
Taking a Wife (Larsa, Vayne, AU)*

The Heretic's Confessional - Delita and Olan, after the war. Written for Yuletide 2006.
Fragments, Delita - A set of vignettes concerning young Delita Hyral.
Fragments, Agrias and Meliadoul - A set of vignettes concerning Agrias and Meliadoul.
The Royal Tea-Party - Agrias and Ovelia's first meeting. Written for Yuletide 2007.
Brief Affair (Delita/Balmafula)*
Not Enemies (Delita/Ramza)*
The Girl in the Middle (Meliadoul/Agrias/Orlandu)*
Next to Godliness (Agrias, Meliadoul)*
Midnight Meeting (Agrias/Meliadoul/Orlandu, Mustadio/Ramza)*
Charity (Ramza, Delita)*
Every Avenue Available (Agrias, Orlandu)*
The Minstrel Boy (Besrodio)*
Murder Mysteries (Dycedarg, Delita, Ramza, Tietra, Alma)*

Fight Club
Angel Face (Narrator/Tyler)*

Keepsakes (Mal/Inara)*
Just a Cigar (Simon, Jayne)*
Nice Things (Inara/Kaylee)*

Nicotine - Mamimi and Haruko, inspired by a single manga panel.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Poet - The most gratuitous parody I've ever been a party to. Links back to my lj because I'm not doing that much HTML again ever as long as I live.
Favours for Favours (Remus, Snape)*
Tempting the Wolf (Remus/Sirius, AU)*
The Headmaster's Office (Remus, Dumbledore)*
Top (Remus/Sirius)*

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
gd&oA@p# (Ford/Arthur, Trillian, Zaphod, AU)*

Hotel Dusk
The Report - Brian Bradley's case file, of a sort.
Undercover (Kyle Hyde, Brian Bradley)*
Kept Secrets (Kyle Hyde, Brian Bradley)*
Japanese Peace Lily (Kyle Hyde, Brian Bradley)*

Kingdom Hearts
Five Places Sora, Donald, and Goofy Should Never Have Ended Up (self-explanatory)*
Disney Standards (Spike, Auron)*
Reunion (Braska/Auron)*
A Battle of Wits (Cloud/Leon)*
Chaperoned Trips (Sydney, Auron, Sora, Donald, Goofy)*
The Return (Leon/Rinoa)*

Last Client
Morning (Chris/Asahi)*

Metal Gear Solid
Secret Agent Man (Snake/Otacon)*
Domesticity (Snake/Otacon)*
brb (Snake/Otacon)*
Geeks Bearing Gifts (Snake, Otacon)*
Pretty Boys and Prettier Robots (Snake, Otacon)*
Intellectual Property Rights (Snake, Otacon)*
Brothers (Snake, Otacon, thematic second part to I Think You Got the Gay Ending)*
Geek Dirty Talk (Snake/Otacon)*

The Tale of Zabuza and Haku of the Country of Water - The liner notes for a most ridiculous play/justification for an AU ever. Written for Lyn.
The Art of the Possible (Zabuza, Haku, various Konoha shinobi, AU)*
The New Mizukage (Zabuza/Haku, AU)*

Pulse (Kirika/Mirelle)*

Persona 3/4
Binary - Pre-game Jin gets autistic about Takaya.
And Worship the Trousers That Cling to Him - Something has gone horribly wrong and Yosuke is irresistible.
Cold Toes (Akihiko/Shinjiro)*
Familiar Melodies (Pharos, Minato)*
Text (Yukari, Minato; link goes to my lj for HTML purposes)*
Blind (Ryoji/Minato, AU)*
Voyeurism (Junpei, Minato/lady, follows Whit's ficbit)*
Into the Dark (Akihiko/Shinjiro)*

Nein's Last Case (Sasha/Milla)*

Doubles - Sanzo and Gojyo's unpleasant duplicate duke it out. Written for a 'Shot in the Head' challenge, and traded with Ashlea for taare tuttaare ture svaahaa.
Dawn (Goku/Sanzo)*
The Triumph of Logic (Sanzo et. al.)*
Why Don't We Do It In the Road (Gojyo/Hakkai, AU)*
Waiting Up (Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Settling In (Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Doomed (Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Smoking (Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Interested (Sanzo/Hakkai)*
Barn's Burned Down (Sanzo, Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Healing (Gojyo/Hakkai)*
Unbound (Gojyo/Hakkai)*

Shadow Hearts
A Certain Fondness for Trains (Yuri/Alice)*
A Taste for Russians (Yuri, Keith)*

Silent Hill
Silent Hill Gaiden :: The Brothers - Sam and Dean in Silent Hill.

Star Trek
Cap'n (Trip/Archer)*

Gauging the Difference (Stork/Tit)*
Stirrings (Stork/Tit)*
Conservation (Stork/Tit)*
Personal Space (Stork/Tit)*
After the End of the World (Stork/Stalk)*

Promotion (Camus)*
Victory! (Camus/Miklotov, AU)*
The First Robin of Spring (Camus/Miklotov)*
Quiet (Camus, Miklotov)*
Weak-Kneed (Camus/Miklotov)*
Bedside (Camus/Miklotov)*

Silent Hill Gaiden :: The Brothers (Sam and Dean in Silent Hill)
Aftermath (Sam/Dean)*
Gimpy (Sam/Dean)*
Dean Winchester Beats the Devil (Dean, demon)*
Growing Pains (Sam/Dean)*
Afterschool Activities (Sam/Dean)*
Safe (Sam/Dean)*
I Think You Got the Gay Ending (Sam, Dean, Metal Gear Solid 2)*
The Bakery Caper (young Dean)*
Definitely Not a Zombie (Sam, Dean)*
Little Doodle (Sam and Dean in Lea Monde)*
The Holder of the Impala Keys (Sam, Dean)*
Out of Your League (Dean, Bobby, X-Files crossover)*
Awakening (Sam/Dean)*
Deep Work (Sam/Dean, Ruby)*

Saint Nicholas - Nicholas D. Wolfwood lears the true meaning of Christmas, complete with nuns and small children.
Cock - Vash, Wolfwood, and the dirtiest title I've ever given anything.
Naming the Devil (Vash/Wolfwood)*
Ecclesiastes (Vash/Wolfwood)*

Vagrant Story
Bathtime (Sydney/Hardin)*
Glean What Afflicts Him (Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Hardin, AU)*
Report (Sydney, Hardin)*
Full Fathom Five (Sydney, Guildenstern, Samantha)*
Great Dignity (Sydney, Hardin)*
Next Time Around (Sydney/Ashley)*

Wild Adapter
Breaking Point (Kubota/Tokito, AU)*
Don't Even Breathe (Tokito, Stork/Tit, AU)*
Strays (Kubota/Tokito)*
January (True Love) (Kubota/Tokito)*
Safe as Houses (Kubota/Tokito)*

X/Tokyo Babylon
A Game of Chess - Subaru, Seishirou, and Hokuto, chopped up in tiny pieces and fed to T.S. Eliot. All the good parts were written by Arielle. (with fanart!)
Ink (Setsuka/Seishirou)*
Passwords (Subaru/Seishirou)*

A Warm Place - Mikage in the real world, burdened by a considerable amount of fanon and David Henry Hwang. Stand back; songfic stains.
Snow Lightning (Nemuro, Mamiya, Tokiko)*

The X-Files
Turbulence - Mulder and Krycek on the flight to Tunguska.
Spoons - Byers and Jimmy, set after the Lone Gunmen episode 'Maximum Byers'.
Out of Your League (Mulder, Scully, Supernatural crossover)*
Bands of Gold (Lone Gunmen)*

Gilead - Scenes from Dr. Citan Uzuki's first month in Lahan.
The Body (Krelian/Ruth)*
Playing Doctor (Doc/Miang)*
Nothing Left to Lose (Jesse, Sigurd)*
Gyges, Somewhat Intrigued (Krelian, Miang)*
The God-Made Man (Doc, Miang, Kim Kasim)*

The Healing Process - Jin recovers after Miltia. Written for Moo.
Still Life with Go Board - Helmer introduces Gaignun and Jin. Please kindly ignore the fact that I do not actually know how to play go. Also written for Moo.
Afterglow (Junior/Gaignun)*
Recycled Air (Jin/chaos)*
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (URTVs)*
Missives (Shion, Jin)*
Helping Hand (chaos/Jin)*
Negotiations (Jr./Albedo)*
Differences (Rubedo, Nigredo)*
Boxes (Rubedo/Albedo)*
Across the Universe (Jr., chaos)*
A Cold Man (Jin/Pelligri)*
We Named the Cat 'Gaignun' (Jin, Jr.)*
Morning Exercises (Shion, Ziggy, MOMO)*
Miltia (Jr., chaos)*
Downtime (Kevin/Allen/Shion)*
The Beach (Gaignun, Jr., Mary, Shelley)*
A Lot Like Christmas (Ormus)*
Auld Lang Syne (Gaignun, Jr., Mary, Shelley)*
A Single Thrust (Jin, Margulis, Pelligri)*
Degeneration (Citrine, Yuriev)*
In the Beginning (chaos/Jin)*

Itty-Bitty-TV (Rocky, Sampson)*
Nun and Crow (Siobhan/Genevieve)*
The Boy Who Hated the Boy Who Lived (Ethan Rayne/Tim Hunter)*
A Suspected Eighth-Century Redaction (Arius/Athanasius)*
Summons (Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, AU)*
Company Policy (Wolfwood, Hisoka)*
Family Vampirism (Spike/Sanzo)*
Serenity (Hisoka, Sanzo)*
Penis Metaphors (Wolfwood, Seifer)*
World's Best Secretary (Kanoe, Angel)*
Experimentation (Spike, Trevor Goodchild)*
Clubbing (Gojyo/Hisoka)*
Missing Persons (Tit, Sanzo)*
Exegesis (Sanzo, Lucifer from I Corinthians)*
Men of the Cloth (Dean Winchester, Wolfwood)*
Dialogue on the Incorruptible (Prisca/Maximilla/Montanus)*
Proving Points (Hitoshura/Raidou, Megaten Gakuen AU)*
Comfort (Guy/Luke)*
As a Fox (Fox/Soldier, Amei's Fox and Soldier Megaten AU)*
Genesis (Mephisopheles, from I Corinthians)*
Pillow Talk (Ritsuka/Soubi)*

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