What Nation Are You? [Avatar]

We all know that which of the Four Nations you belong to is more than an accident of birth -- it's destiny. But do you really belong to the glorious Fire Nation, or did the turtle-stork make a mistake on the way to one of the less blessed ends of the earth? Take our fun and easy quiz and find out!

1. A boy you've had your eye on for some time has been talking to you a lot in the courtyard after class. Problem is, you're not the only one who's on fire for him -- your best friend also thinks he's pretty hot stuff. He's probably going to ask you to the Golden Dragon Dance next week. What do you do?

A. Go on and ask him first! Fortune favors the bold! (But don't forget to ask if he's got a cute friend so you all can Dragon Dance double date!)
B. Say yes to his offer, and tell your friend you're sorry, but he's the one who calls the shots in the relationship.
C. Why doesn't he take you both? After all, he's got an arm for each of you!
D. Tell him you're sorry, but you've got to wash your chakras that night, and spend an all-girls' night with your best friend instead.

2. You've got a job for the summer at Magma Beach Emporium. In the fitting room, a customer who's unsure about the too-tight cheongsam she's squeezed herself into asks for your opinion. What do you tell her?

A. Tell her that as her hips are enviable for their ability to bring new citizens of the Fire Nation into the world, this wraparound skirt would probably showcase them better.
B. Point out that (highly covering) koala-seal parkas and heavy tiger-walrus mukluks are all the rage this season.
C. Compliment her on the way it looks as you bag it up for her! Boys like a girl who's confident in what she wears, and it's another sale for you!
D. Let her buy it, but mention in passing that fasting is good for both the body and the soul.

3. Your sixteenth birthday is in a week, and your boyfriend has been asking all your friends what he should get you. What are you going to tell them to say?

A. A pretty gold comb for your hair, so you'll think of him whenever you wear it.
B. A hand-carved betrothal necklace -- after all, you'll be sixteen!
C. Assorted sweets from the confectioner's, to share during a walk through the forest.
D. Just a pretty shell or some flowers he picked -- it's the thought that counts, even if he didn't have to put any time or money into it.

4. The most popular girl at your school is throwing a party this weekend, and everyone's been invited -- everyone, that is, except you, her biggest rival. Still, just because you got burned on an invitation doesn't mean you're out for good. How are you going to handle the situation?

A. Walk right through the front gates on the night of the party like it's your party.
B. Secure a date with the cute boy who's already going, and wait for the look on his face when she realizes you're his date.
C. Sneak in through the back with the caterers and mingle in-between bringing out trays of petits fires.
D. Decide you didn't want to go anyway and console yourself with a good epic poem.

5. It's your first day at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls! A cute boy in the hallway asks what you're going to choose for your major. What will you tell him?

A. Double major in political science and military history.
B. Home economics.
C. Who cares about a major when you're going to be the captain of the women's powerlifting team?
D. You miss the question because you're staring off into space.

6. A household servant comes to your room one evening to tell you your boyfriend has dropped by unexpectedly -- but you've already started getting ready for bed! What do you do?

A. Take three deep breaths, change into something simple, and apply just a touch of makeup -- he can wait the extra ten minutes, and the end result will be worth it.
B. Spend an hour getting every hair in place so that you look your best, even if he's gotten bored and wandered off by the time you finally come downstairs.
C. Throw on whatever's comfortable, twist your hair into a quick style, and dash down to let him see the real you!
D. Tell him you're sorry, but you can't interrupt your pre-sleep meditation time -- even for him.

7. The Ember Island Players have decided to make an opera about you and your friends! Which role does the character based on you occupy?

A. The heroine.
B. The damsel in distress.
C. The comic relief.
D. The understudy.

8. You and your friends were planning on getting together this afternoon to watch some of the boys in your class play Hide and Explode, but your mother has asked you to watch your little brother instead. How do you resolve this conflict?

A. Take him with you -- family comes first, of course, and he can watch the players to see good examples of young Fire Nation men.
B. Stay at home with him, because you need as much practice taking care of children as you can get!
C. Tell her you can't because you're going to be part of the game, and your brother isn't any good at exploding, much less at hiding.
D. Do whatever she wants you to do, but remind yourself all the while you're stuck minding him that family is an illusion.

9. Your teacher announces that your mid-term will be an essay about what you see yourself doing in ten years. You grab a sheet of parchment and a brush, and began scribbling away. What do you title your speculative biographical essay?

A. A Loyal Servant of Her Great Nation
B. My Wonderful Husband and Children (and Me)
C. When the Going Gets Rocky, the Tough Get Rockier
D. You leave it blank, because you haven't really thought about your future.

10. Which of these superlatives will be next to your picture in the yearbook?

A. Most Likely To Succeed
B. Biggest Flirt
C. Most Athletic
D. Most Likely To Be Absent

Okay, that's it! Time to tally your answers and find out which nation you belong to:

Mostly A: Congratulations! You're Fire Nation, through and through! Confident and strong, you've got a plan for your life and the means of making it real. You know how to appreciate the finer things in life, but you don't let yourself get too bogged down in frivolities. You're smart and secure, and you've got a bright future ahead of you! Flame on, girl!

Mostly B: The Water Tribe would welcome a sweet, demure young lady such as yourself with open arms! You've got a real material instinct, and you care about making others happy -- especially your boyfriend. Don't let yourself become eclipsed by the man in your life, though -- after all, boys come and boys go, but in a pinch, you may have to stand up for yourself!

Mostly C: Your sturdy, rustic charm would be right at home in the Earth Kingdom! You're dependable and accommodating, and can weather any storm. Still, you might want to open up to more of your feminine side and let the boys see you for the lovely young lady you are. Indulge yourself in some classy, ladylike treats such as facials and pedicures. You're worth it!

Mostly D: With your shy temperment and head-in-the-clouds personality, you should have been an Air Nomad! You're a good peacemaker and very understanding, but instead of making you more attractive, it mostly makes you forgettable. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself once in a while! After all, all the best qualities in the world are no good if no one even knows you're alive.

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