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Here are all the exciting things I've made and offered up for sale. Obviously I'm not a "real" artist, one of those fancy types who has little things like "style" and "training" and "talent". Most of the time, jewelry-making and crocheting are just ways for me to unwind ... and then I have a lot to unwind from, so I have more stuff than I have occasions or body parts to wear.

For the most part, everything here is one-of-a-kind. Certain pieces are replicable, though, and will be marked as such. If you see something that's like something you want, though, let me know and I'll see what I can do! A lot of my materials are last-thing-off-the-clearance-rack and/or picked up under unduplicatable circumstances, so making other things just like them is sometimes prohibitively difficult. Still, Lord knows I'll try anything once.

If you want something, get in touch with me: you can message me on LiveJournal, tweet at me on Twitter, send an ask on Tumblr (though be advised my Tumblr is broken and I can't message back privately), or email me at ladysisyphus(at)livejournal.

Please note that this list is all hand-coded and -updated, and though I try to keep it as current as possible, seeing something here is not a 100% guarantee that it'll still be available -- so sooner is always better than later! Even if you just want me to hold something, let me know. (Also, a lot of the photographs are crummy. My apologies.)

You can find all my old for-sale posts here, in case you're curious.

Some of these pages are very image-heavy, so proceed accordingly.


$5 Earrings
Other Earrings
Sets (Earrings, Necklaces, and/or Bracelets)
Rosaries and Rosary Bracelets
Other Religious Jewelry
Memory Wire Necklaces
Memory Wire Bracelets
Linked Bracelets
Linked Necklaces
Strung Necklaces
Pendant Necklaces
Crocheted Wire Necklaces
Chain-And Necklaces
Loose Pendants
Pendant Experiments
Odds and Ends


For Babies

Retired Items

Shipping and Payment

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